About us

ICES (stands for the Spanish version of Chilean Researchers in Switzerland) is a non-profit association formed by a group of researchers, academics, students and professionals who develop their respective activities in Switzerland, interested in the collaboration between Chile and Switzerland in every field of knowledge and research.

What Motivates ICES

ICES seeks to contribute to the academic and professional collaboration between Chile and Switzerland. Based on our academic and professional experiences in Switzerland, we believe that there are many opportunities for scientific and professional collaboration between institutions of these two countries. We think that the academic, professional and even personal life of the Chilean researchers in Switzerland can profit from the advices and past experiences of people who are already working in this country. Our main motivation is to create the opportunities for Chilean researchers in Switzerland to contact each other, interchange experiences and explore new academic challenges together with Chilean and Swiss organizations. Also, we want to be an information platform in order to facilitate the exchange of Chilean students in Switzerland.

Association objectives

The objectives of our association can be divided in three main levels, going from the short-term in the first level to the long-term in the third:

Level 1: Support Chilean researchers through their entire stay in Switzerland

Create an information platform for researchers and students in Chile interested in Switzerland for their academic and professional career opportunities. Facilitate the integration of new Chilean researchers and students in Switzerland. Strengthen the academic and scientific links between Chilean researchers, academics, students and professionals living in Switzerland.

Level 2: Promotion of scientific and professional collaboration between Chilean and Swiss institutions and individuals

Create a platform where Chilean and Swiss researchers and students can share information, solve questions and find project partners or career opportunities in both countries. Foster the development of new scientific and academic projects and initiatives involving both countries. Show Chile in Switzerland as a valuable opportunity for research and collaboration.

Level 3: Participate in the discussion for the scientific and academic development of Chile

Participate and collaborate with different associations and networks of Chilean researchers in Chile and abroad.

Directive 2022

To become a member of our community just send an email to contacto@ices-net.ch and we will contact you.